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Celebrating brass bands in the Daily Herald Archive
By Sarah Coggrave

Whit Friday is an important date for brass bands all over the country. To celebrate, here’s a look at images of brass bands in our archives.

The Adams Family: Cataloguing the Daily Herald Archive
By Stephanie Williams

The Daily Herald archive is categorised alphabetically by subject. Take a look at some of the intriguing photographs and stories found in the ‘Adams’ section…

The Cutteslowe Walls: A story from the Daily Herald Archive
By Sarah Coggrave

Collection tours at the museum can lead to surprising discoveries—as the tale of the Cutteslowe Walls in Oxford proves.

Revolting Women: Protest and politics in the Daily Herald Archive
By Kirsty Fife

The Daily Herald Archive records political milestones, but also illuminates how the newspaper interpreted these developments.

Yarns from the Potteries and Cottonopolis: The Pararchive Project in the Daily Herald Archive
By Fiona Philip and Daniel Mutibwa

Fiona Philip and Daniel Mutibwa of the University of Leeds write about their project to unlock the potential of our Daily Herald Archive.

The Daily Herald published the effects of economic depression in the 1930s
By Rebecca Smith

While our politicians, papers and commentators fall on either side of the food bank debate, we look back at poverty and charitable welfare in the 1930s.

The Daily Herald Archive: A historic photography collection from the world of print journalism
By Emily Philippou

Containing millions of photographs from the first half of the 20th century, the Daily Herald Archive is one of the gems of our collection.

If you’re looking for a photograph, try the Daily Herald Archive
By Caroline Dempsey

Looking for photographs of your town 50 years ago, David Attenborough in his youth, or your emigrant ancestors? There’s a good chance the image you’re searching for is in the Daily Herald Archive.

Using our collections: Part 2
By Ana Maria Mauad

Visiting researcher Ana Maria Mauad writes about her work with photographs from Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay in the Daily Herald archive.

Hidden Treasures of Our Collection: Man Walking a Haggis
By Lewis Pollard

The Daily Herald Archive is packed with images that make you look twice, like this unusual photograph of a man walking a ‘pet’ haggis.

Re-evaluating the Baird Double 8
By Paul Coleman

Take a closer look at the workings of an enigmatic object from our collection: John Logie Baird’s Double-8 apparatus, used in early demonstrations of television.

‘Never Alone’: A sociological standpoint, part 2 – cameras and crime
By Yusef

Surveillance, a topic explored in detail in our exhibition Never Alone, is often perceived as a deterrent to crime—but are we seeing the full picture?