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BAF 2014 Winners: ‘It’s not just what they do, it’s how they do it’

So that’s it folks, Bradford Animation Festival 2014 is now over—and what a week it was! Here's the complete run-down of all our award-winning filmmakers.

We’ve loved having all of our guests, delegates and film makers here for the last six days and we hope you’ve enjoyed our very special 2014 edition. A very big thank you to Barry Purves for hosting our BAF awards night, our juries for all their hard work, our brilliant guests, and of course all of you who make BAF the best animation festival that anyone could ever hope to visit or be a part of! As The Guardian very kindly put it…’It’s not just what they do, it’s how they do it’.

The winners are…

Best Professional Film: Through the Hawthorn

The jurors were impressed by the style, characterisation, technique and the excellent use of split screen. The impressionistic sense of each character and their emotional and mental turmoil was beautifully pronounced through differing stylistic approaches. The voice performances added to the depth of representation of each character’s pain in dealing with a complex situation. An excellent film that provided profound insights into mental illness.

Special Mention: Me and My Moulton

It was a strong contender for the prize and the jury wish to make a special mention for this beautiful short film about families and their strengths and weaknesses. Captured in a deceptively simple style, with a great script beautifully performed, this story of three sisters and their desire for bicycle is a joy.

Best Short Short: Supervenus

A film that stood out as being very different to anything else the jury had seen. As well as a strong message the progress of the surgery was handled with surprising wit and gentle animation rising to the grotesque. A point well and succinctly made.

Special mention: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared II: Time

A film that starts in children’s TV land before entering more complex levels of temporal philosophy and the bizarre before descending in horror and decay. Clearly made with a great sense of fun, wit and subversion.

Best Student Film: The Bigger Picture

For both its subject matter as well as its striking and innovative visual approach.

Special mention: Gli Immacolati

A special film that uses space and camera movement as a narrative devices to address a very sensitive subject.

Best Music Video: Robin

For the way visuals and animation come together to illustrate beautifully the song’s content, creating a wonderful visual universe with uncommon materials.

Special mention: Moving On

For the sensitive and skillful manner in which the animation is used to render a moving subject.

Best Commissioned Film: Stop the Show

For its political engagement as well as the way it uses striking design and animation to bring to the screen a very contemporary issue.

Special mention: Life Begins at Breakfast (Dorset Cereals)

Because…it’s tasty?! This appealing stop-motion commercial combined extremely skilful animation and a clear message to achieve tasty results.

Best Film for Children: The Elephant and the Bicycle

This visually fresh story is engaging for many different age groups. The jury liked its characters and the imaginative cut-out techniques. Combining sophisticated technical ability, great use of scale and perfectly atmospheric music,‎ it is an extremely watchable short family film.

Special mention: Vol au Vent

For the design and pacing of an animation that invites viewers to enter a poetic world, and offers a space in which to talk to young children about things that are important.

Best Film by Young Animators: Hypnagogic Hallucination


This film was of professional quality, with very accomplished storytelling and visualisation.The contrast between the two worlds; the camera moves and the action sequence all display an ability to experiment with the medium, as well as innovative storytelling.

Special mention: I Have Trouble Concentrating


For being able to address with humour and bold visuals a very common problem, clearly from the point of view of a child.

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