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By Emma Thom on

Best of the web: Tales of the still and moving image

In a new feature, we share the best news, reviews and articles about photography, film and television that we’ve spotted on the web this week.

We love photography

Portraits of women by the men who loved them: The Guardian picks out a couple of highlights from PhotoEspaña 2013.

Our Associate Curator Brian Liddy selects one of his favourite photographs from our collection for Media Space on Tumblr (we’ll tell you more about this project soon).

Annie Leibovitz on the future of professional photography in an era of smartphones and image sharing sites.

The Science and Society Picture Library, who represent the visual collections of the Science Museum Group, have put together a gallery of photographs of Royal Ascot—a fashion highlight since 1711.

Eadweard Muybridge’s galloping horse (which is in our collection) was featured in The Guardian’s photographs from the past series last weekend. Did you see Colin’s post about photography capturing motion this week?

Landscape photographer John Davies (whose work has been on display in our galleries and is in our collection) takes a series of pictures in the northwest of England inspired by the work of L.S. Lowry. (Look out for our Lowry tribute tomorrow.)

‘There’s probably more to look at in a Winogrand photo than in one by anyone else and still we want more photographs.’ Geoff Dyer on the incredibly prolific American street photographer Garry Winogrand in the London Review of Books.

J.M. Colberg reviews of Control Order House by Edmund Clark (whose work we have in our collection). Clark’s project examines control orders in Britain—a type of house arrest for someone suspected of terrorist activity.

In another article, Colberg investigates how portraiture works using Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother (also part of our collection).

Luke Casey photographs the world through ships’ portholes.

The bluest skies I’ve ever seen—Dolly Faibyshev reimagines the American Dream is alive and well in Palm Springs.

An unearthed interview between Sheila Turner-Seed and Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1971.

The Science and Society Picture Library has put together a series of images from our collection to mark our 30th birthday.

In tribute to photojournalist Helen Brush Jenkins, The Guardian considers the photographic potency of capturing life’s most sacred moment.

We love film and television

In the world of film and television, the harder marriage is, the more romantic it seems. To mark the release of Before Midnight, an article in the New York Times looks at the job of marriage.

‘Are there 90 newly found Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s?’ asked the Radio Times. ‘No, there’s no secret stash of Doctor Who episodes’ answered Philip Morris. Sorry, Whovians.

Is My Neighbour Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies the greatest double bill of all time?

Withnail & I behind the scenes—photographs by Murray Close.

Some tributes to James Gandolfini: Career picture gallery | Reactions to the death of James Gandolfini | A gifted actor and a great man | Tony Soprano’s best lines | Emotional textures in a deceptive face | How James Gandolfini reinvented the gangster

The Daily Mail reckons your new TV is already out of date in their article on the future of television technology.

Eight rules for making a great documentary.

Nigel Andrews talks to writer-director Mohammad Rasoulof about Iran’s condemnation of the arts.

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