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By Kathryn Penny on

Help us choose films for Bradford to fall in love with

Come and Meet Another Me is a new project that aims to give Bradford residents a say in what we show in our cinemas. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

Discussion event on stage in Cubby Broccoli Cinema

What would happen if we gave control of our cinema screens to a group of Bradford residents? What stories would they tell? Could they create an engaging and relevant programme? Could they bring new people to our three cinema spaces?

These are the questions we hope to answer as we launch the Come and Meet Another Me power sharing project. The Pictureville Cinema team is seeking people from our city to form a group to select a programme of films for Bradford to fall in love with. They will be given six slots across our three cinemas and a very open brief—the group can choose any film title. The only rules are we must be able to find the rights to show the film and there must be a ticket price, but the group can decide what to charge. Support for these trainee programmers will come from a range of people in the cinema industry, empowering the group to present great events for filmgoers.

Film discussion event in Cubby Broccoli Cinema

Carin-Anne Strohmaier speaking at Widescreen Weekend

Driving this project is the knowledge that most of our Bradford cinema visitors come from areas in the district outside the city centre. We want to be better neighbours to our closest customers by letting them choose what films we show, and we are particularly seeking participants from the Manningham and City wards in Bradford. Our first step in sharing our programming power was to ask the Bradford for Everyone Ambassadors to name the project. Come and Meet Another Me was chosen as a title that represented the power to tell diverse stories on film.

Bradfordians interested in the project will be invited to a welcome event in Pictureville on 19 June 2021 where they will see some new short films with local connections. Prospective programmers will start their journey where it will end: with some amazing, authentic content on the big screen.

Inside Pictureville cinema

If you would like to hear more about the project, please get in touch with Gin, our Volunteer Coordinator, at or 01274 203 352.

The project is supported by Film Hub North with funds from the National Lottery.

Pictureville screen

4 comments on “Help us choose films for Bradford to fall in love with

  1. Good afternoon, personally I would suggest any Christopher Nonal film. Dark Knoght making the most of the IMAX screen or Interstellar, however I wanted to tap into some history. I feel NMM is a very special place, but I speak to many locals that have never been there? With the asian dynamic of the locality. Maybe a screening of an epic bollywood family movie – making it a bit of a day out for some if tge locals especially given their family dynamics. Reco: Sholay, kabhi kimushi kabhi gham

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