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Meet the Life Online [open source] artists: Ross Phillips

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The Life Online launch is now just over two weeks away, and the team working on the Life Online exhibition, [open source] Is the internet you know under threat?, are busy finishing the install of four brand new artworks. Once that’s done, we’ll work with gallery designers Start JudgeGill, to produce all of the text and design features and the gallery will be ready to be unveiled to the public on 29th March.

Ross Phillips

The third artist to create a brand new piece for [open source] alongside Thomson and Craighead, and Erin Newell and Phil Bird, is Ross Phillips. We are delighted to be working with Ross to create a new artwork for the gallery. Ross is an artist and designer who is renowned for his video-based interactive installations. His work has been commissioned by Liberty’s and Benetton, and he has featured in exhibitions such as Decode at the V&A and The Science of Spying at the Science Museum.

Ross will focus on open source culture with his work, Read Aloud. The piece mirrors the collaborative nature of the open internet and the fact that we can all create, consume, collaborate on and share content online, often making new versions of existing content.

Read Aloud will invite visitors to perform a line from a chosen book. The recording is added to other recorded lines and slowly the book takes shape, making a new piece of work from an existing text. Performed books can be enjoyed online and in the gallery from the moment the first line is recorded on video and audio. The artwork mirrors the web, conceived by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, which has been built, shaped and populated by millions around the world.

The first book to be recorded in this unique way will be Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland.

So now you’re acquainted with all of the [open source] artists I hope you’ll come along to see the exhibition. See you in the gallery!

Written by Sarah Crowther, Life Online Content Curator

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