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By Tom Vincent on

‘Paradise’ comes to Bradford

Our Film Programmer talks about his favourite film of the 16th Bradford International Film Festival.

I saw Michael Almereyda’s experimental documentary Paradise towards the end of my visit to the Viennale Film Festival in November last year. I went along to the screening knowing very little about the film, except that it was constructed from several years of Almereyda’s own camcorder home movies collected now and then, and without design, on his various travels in America and other countries. Around 40 minutes in, and during a process of looking for connections and patterns in the material, and examining my own patterns of thought, I realised that Paradise was by some way the most affecting film not only of that festival, but of all the films I saw in 2009.

Its effect was certainly mysterious, and I’m not certain I can describe yet quite why it worked so well for me. I do know that I’m very pleased and excited that the film is playing in Bradford for its UK premiere, and that I’ll get a chance to have a second bite of the cherry…

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