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By Zara Hussain on

Review: Motion Capture Workshop

Animation student Zara Hussain discovers a new passion for motion capture at Karl Abson’s workshop.

This morning I attended the Motion Capture Workshop, part of Bradford Animation Festival 2011.

Thankfully I ran into the guy leading the workshop, Karl Abson. If it wasn’t for him, I would have been running around Bradford trying to find the venue! I ended up getting to rummage through the workshop area and talk to Karl, and through this one-to-one and the workshop, I did learn a lot.

Did you know that all the equipment they were using is worth quarter of a million pounds?

That it was originally made for military defences?

And that the motion capture suits are incredibly clingy?

I wasn’t that interested in motion capture, but after attending this workshop my mind was completely blown away! It was that good!

This is definitely a job you could never grow bored of.

Overall, the lecturers were incredibly friendly and enthusiastic about what they do and their presentation was definitely worth the time. Playing with swords in a practical session is AMAZING!

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