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By Martha Jurksaitis and Christian Hardy on

Unveiled: ‘Double Exposure’ is almost fully developed

Artists-in-residence Martha Jurksaitis and Christian Hardy give us a taster of their Light Fantastic exhibit.

With our artist residency nearly at an end, here’s an update of our activities at the museum.

We visited the excellent Magna Museum in Rotherham, a former steelworks, and did two fantastic photo and film shoots there over the past two weekends with characters from Kilbangua, the Dark Planet.

Erin Chapman - Dark Planet
Erin Chapman—Dark Planet

These were all shot on black and white Ilford film stock using a Hasselblad camera. We hired costumes and brought in characters from the Yorkshire steampunk scene and other interesting characters. We then processed all our footage by hand in our bespoke darkroom, and did some initial black & white prints with the public watching through the red-tinted windows!

We’ve now had all our Super 8 footage for Augnablik digitised by On 8 Mil, a great film transfer company down south, who specialise in scanning and preserving analogue film images. They have a serious passion for all things analogue, and scanned our Super 8 footage in 2.5K resolution, frame-by-frame.

Super 8 still of Iceberg
Super 8 still of Iceberg

We’ve also printed a DIY film developing guide which you can pick up for free from the museum (while stocks last).

Leaflet & Ilford Film
Leaflet & Ilford Film

We hope you enjoy these images, and please come to the public exhibition between 13.30–16.30 on Thursday 3 September 2015 to see the final works!

This week sees the unveiling of the final exhibit by Martha and Christian. Photographs and films for their project Double Exposure: A Tale of Two Planets have been shot at exterior locations and processed in gallery here at the Museum over the past seven weeks.

Martha and Christian will be revealing the finished exhibit on Thursday 3 September 2015 between 13.30–16.30, and will be on gallery to discuss everything about the work and their approach. They created two fictional planets, one permanently night time, the other constantly bathed in daylight, as the settings to explore the challenges of photographing and filming in extreme light conditions.

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