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Our Film Programmer Tom Vincent was proud to present an exclusive preview screening of West is West, attended by the film's star, local actor Aqib Khan.

Hosting the preview screening of West is West in the hometown of Aqib Khan, the 16-year-old star of the film, was a real pleasure.

Aqib landed the role of young Sajid Khan—his first ever acting job—after a teacher at Nab Wood school passed on information about a local audition.

An amazing break for a newcomer, but one with a lot riding on it: West is West is a sequel with a high profile thanks to the much-loved original, East is East. Aqib’s character is in almost every scene, and the shoot required a lengthy trip overseas that clashed with Aqib’s studies.

Yet Aqib has met all these challenges head-on, taking on acting tips from the likes of the great Om Puri. And going by the enthusiastic response on Saturday, he’s already making the very best of his big break.

Aqib fielded questions from the audience after the film, and spoke about the shoot, developing as an actor, and his own self-belief in stepping up to the part. With West is West‘s release coming on 25 February, we wish him every success!

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