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What to see and do at Bradford Science Festival 2023

Bradford Science Festival is back this half term with an unmissable line-up of hands-on experiences, live events and performances, exploring how we use science and technology to see the hidden world all around us.

The festival will be wrapping up with a big family weekend on 3 and 4 June before the museum temporarily closes. But later in the summer, the festival will be taking its programme on the road, popping up at venues across Bradford for even more surprising science and fun.

From live science shows and interactive workshops to giant puppet performances, we’ve pulled out the highlights of everything you can see and do during the festival.

See what’s on:

In the week

Dance through the galaxies in Giant Leaps

Open every day

Dance through the galaxies in this out-of-this-world immersive experience created by acclaimed choreographer Corey Baker. Help to create the first dance in space by throwing some shapes to see how your movements influence the journeys of stars and space dust as they travel through the galaxies.

A child seen from behind raising their hands, looking at a galaxy projection

Make and take activities and live science shows

27 May–2 June

Get hands-on and make a periscope, see things close up in our microscope demonstration, and explore the illuminating world of light in our science show.

Throw some shapes with Corey Baker Dance

27 May–2 June at 11.30, 12.30 and 13.30
3 June at 11.00, 12.00 and 16.00
4 June at 11.00, 12.00 and 13.00

Join acclaimed dancers, Corey Baker Dance and get ready to take a giant leap through space in these out-of-this-world movement sessions. Suitable for all ages.

Children dance with coloured scarves in a dark gallery space

Big family weekend

Travel to the moon and back aboard the Orion spacecraft

3–4 June

Hosted by Future Transformation, watch in amazement and learn all about the secrets of space travel while we recreate the Orion spacecraft that was used by NASA to explore outer space. After, have a go at making your very own Orion to take home.

Groove along with Bollywood stars and take flight with an Indian Roller Bird

3–4 June

Join Global Grooves and their beautiful giant puppets to take festival fun to new heights with performances of live drumming.

Uncover hidden worlds with the University of Bradford

3–4 June

Learn about microscopic, intergalactic and archaeological hidden worlds with researchers from the University of Bradford.

Use words to create your own art with artificial intelligence

3–4 June

Join Space Art and use an AI image creator to type out your own messages that AI can transform into a piece of visual art to take home.

Move your feet with Flux Dance

3 June

Grab your dancing shoes and learn all about our social system in this fun movement workshop from Flux Dance. Recommended for ages 7+.

Discover the world of Ibn Al-Haytham

3–4 June

Learn about the fascinating story of a brave young scientist from 11th century Arabia in this short film from 1001 Inventions. Ibn Al-Haytham embarks upon a quest to uncover ancient mysteries that would change our world forever.

Learn about the pioneering life of Dr Patricia Bath

3–4 June

Presented by Liberty Arts, hear about the incredible story about the pioneering life of African American ophthalmologist Dr Patricia Bath and her contributions to the field of medicine.

Accessible events

Follow the signs in a BSL-integrated performance

4 June

Don’t miss this fully BSL-integrated performance with professional dancer Chris Fonseca and rapper Harry Jardine. Performed using BSL, rap, spoken word and movement, this gig-theatre show explores the real-life experiences of acclaimed dancer and choreographer Chris Fonseca, who lost his hearing in infancy, and reveals our different experiences of sound and music.

Relaxed Hour/Performances

  • 29 May, 11.00–11.30—Relaxed science show
  • 2 June 11.00–11.30—Relaxed science show
  • 3 June, 16.00–17.00—Relaxed hour

Join us for a quieter experience of Bradford Science Festival, including relaxed sessions of To the Moon and Back, Light Up science show, and Giant Leaps movement workshops.

BSL interpretated shows and activities

1 June, 3–4 June

A BSL interpreter will be interpreting some of our live science shows and activities. Full timetable is available on our website.

Two children taking part in a science activity using plastic bottles

tickets and information

Bradford Science Festival will take place at the museum from 23 May until 4 June. Throughout August, the festival will be popping up across Bradford at WomenZone, SHINE West Bowling, MAPA Cultural Arts Centre and Laisterdyke Youth and Community Centre for even more surprising science and activities.

For more information and to book tickets, visit the Bradford Science Festival website.

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